Tuesday, August 18, 2015

8.Feeling blessed and beautiful

Life is as beautiful
as the picture you choose to paint
with the simple colours you keep on adding
and the many facets you keep on charting
...in due course of time
U roll in
and count the blessings
from the Almighty robbal 'alamin

Life is as blissful
as you cherish the happy moments
you share with the love ones
as blissful as you count the unending tears of joy
relishing the magic moments of your
children achievements
as blissful as the sounds of laughter
and the warm your friends shower
as blissful as your grandchildren's sweet
 smiles flow...

Oh Allah
I thank you for all the nikmat
and the blissful life that U've blessed me and my family
Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahu akbar...


Monday, September 9, 2013


A friend asked me to explain the difference between the words ' COMPLETE' and 'FINISH'. I told him to refer  to the dictionary only to be told no dictionary has been able to explain the actual difference...

You see...some people say there is no diffeence but there is...

He said " When you marry the right woman you are COMPLETE and when you marry the wrong woman you are FINISHED!. When your wife catches you with another woman you are COMPLETELY FINISHED and when your wife goes shopping too often then you are FINISHED COMPLETELY..."

Maybe some of my former collegues at the English Unit, Kolej Matrikulasi Perak could assist...

Thursday, May 16, 2013


It has been a very busy day today. Early morning I pushed myself to the sundry shop to get a few items for some cooking activities which I have planned since last week. Cooking has not been on top of my priory ranking list for quite some time...

Yes, I'm pretty much aware that today it is supposed to be TEACHERS DAYas many SMS's flooded the phone since midnight. As usual, I guess teachers will be busy in schools organising programmes for themselves and indulging in self appreciations. ( Wonder when PTA or PIBG is going to take over and throw big grand celebrations to honour teachers?).

It is a special day as I'm celebrating the TEACHERS Day as a pensioner... a retired teacher to be specific. It is a special day because many former students like Nurliza Ghazali ( a former student at MGS Kuantan) herself a teacher now still callad me cikgu.

It is  a special day today because I have friends from Kolej Matrikulasi Perak who are making time today dropping by for simple vegetarian lunch to be prepared by yours truly...harap-harap masakan menjadi dan semua boleh makan kot walau pun sayor sahaja!!!

Today it is also the birthday anniversary for a special friend from the English Unit.

For this special occasions. I have invited Prema & her lovely daughter, Praseetha and Jun Yasmin with her twin cousins, the aspiring nurses  to come over for a vegetarian lunch.

My husband volunteered to secure a bouquet of fresh roses for the birthday lady to add the aroma to the occasion and I quickly concurred without hesitation before he changed his mind.

To DEAREST PREMA...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. May you be blessed with all the happiness, prosperity and good health.

To Dearest Jun Yasmin and all the teachers...SELAMAT HARI GURU...TERUSKAN BAKTI.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Kepada semua warga kerja termasuk suri rumah-suri rumah...terima kasih kepada semua kepada telah melaksanakan tugas dan tanggungjawab anda dengan baik. Teruskan memberi yang terbaik...

kerana kerja itu ibadah.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Woke up this morning to the alarm ringing at 5.30 a.m as usual feeling fresh and ready for the day with a strolling  schedule set till midnight.

Enjoying breakfast after morning prayers during weekdays, just the two of us, is a luxury we have missed for quite a while. We can now have the option to pick an elaborate breakfast, choose the place and set the mix at any eatery or stay at home and laze through a simple breakfast.

After breakfast, there is more tidying up to do. Since Tuesday, the fixtures and fittings in the house, all  seemed to be crying for attention to be cleaned and be spruced up as if they know that I'm now a full time house manager. "Take it easy, lady. You're now a prime 5 series model." I keep telling myself. After all, house keeping is an endless task. The best way to solve all the house chores is still through empowerment...hahaha...There I go again. Be it in college, at home or back then in schools, I had always resorted to that particular efficient mode of getting things done viz, empowerment. 

Satisfied with my choice of empowering the maid to resolve the house chores, I changed into the proper attire and with a smile, got into the car and off to the bank. Today I'm getting the first sight of the family company's affairs. I'm pretty sure my presence in the company would be much welcome by my son.

From the bank, I made my first visit to the EPF building in Greentown, Ipoh. I've passed this building on countless occasions but have never made a point to stop, not even to check my account. I was greeted by Ms Thevi, an officer with a charming smile at the counter. After narrating her the purpose of my visit, I was politely told to take a seat while she arranged for me see the right officer.
While looking around trying to choose a comfortable seat, another lady officer, Puan Noor Haliza approached me enquiring whether I've been served. Told her that Ms Thevi is looking into my case, she moved away with a smile trouble-shooting among the crowd. Within minutes, I was shown to counter 5 manned by En Shafie. This is a special counter for pensioners wishing to withdraw their EPF savings. One need only to produce the IC and a copy of valid bank statement for verification. The procedure is simple, efficient and straight forward qith necessary internal control systems in place. 

The whole process of verification the account and understanding the withdrawing procedure took hardly five minutes. I must compliment EPF for an effective system and its officers for their friendly and efficient way of discharging their duties and responsibilities while not forgetting to place genuine smiles on their faces.

Thank you Ms Thevi, Puan Noor Haliza and En Shafie...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Received  these special photos from Azua through the email this morning. Miss Nurul Azua, the cute English lecturer was my travelling companion during our recent travel to Perth and Hatyai. I like to call her 'Comel' as she is just as young as my eldest child.

The photos are fantastic as the sad happy moments were well captured through her lenses. Kind of sad leaving the college which was my second home for the last 10 good years yet happy to depart knowing that I would have more time to spare for my family while able to pursue my various interests which  were on 'deferred' mode for quite some time.

Thought of elaborating those moments on photos but I guessed pictures paint a thousand words...so lets  just share Miss Azua's masterpieces...

Thank you so much Comel. It was very thoughtful of you...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


It’s 5.30 am…time to wake up as usual and start a new day... with a fresh routine though. 

Today it’s not an ordinary day of rushing through the routine for the last 33 years. There’s no more school, there’s no more college to rush to for the early clocking in…no more traffic jam at the junction of Jalan Bukit Meru to beat and no more reckless motorcyclists to avoid.

Today it’s a special day of a new beginning…the first day as a retiree…free of the normal routine adhering to rules and regulations, abiding by instructions within the confinements of classrooms, tutorial rooms and office walls.

Nonetheless, one thing for sure, I’ll miss all the charming faces of my friends at Kolej Matrikulasi Perak with their sweet smiles. Roshida, Roshidah, Rozianis, Azhani, Azua, Liza, Yatt, Prema, Shakila, Jun, the Ustazahs and many more…do give a call whenever you ladies can spare one second. An evening tea at the Meru Valley is an open invitation…

The farewell ceremony yesterday evening was a real surprise and an eventful one for a simple ordinary lecturer like me who happened to pass by and halted at Kolej Matrikulasi Perak as my last career pit station.The stop that lasted a period of ten short years imparting what little knowledge I have to the group of brilliant students was really a joy.

The sight of the large crowd of fellow lecturers, management, staffs and students articulated by the sumptous makan and the elaborate sending off turnout yesterday evening was just too much to bear. I’ve promised my husband to stay calm when bidding goodbye to friends without realising that a special occasion was lined up for me to say goodbye. No matter how hard I tried, the fond memories at KMPk keep rolling back and forth in my mind. I''ll missed KMPk. I'll greatly missed this place I named my second home. I'll sure missed my friends, my students and not forgetting my makan kaki...Those tears just rolled slowly over the cheeks unintentionally…sorry folks.

Those special moments in KMPk especially the sending off event are moments that touched my heart and soul and will forever be in my mind.

Thank you En Izad Ismail and the committee for the effort par excellent. Thank you YM Tengku Mazila for waking up in the wee hours preparing the farewell delicacies for the occasion. To Pak Wan Cafe, I really appreciate the farewell cake.

To Tuan Pengarah, the management, staff and fellow lecturers of KMPk, thank you all for the beautiful bouquet of flowers, the presents and the wonderful support, …really appreciate and hope the relationship built over the years will forever remain strong.

To my former students please keep putting in the efforts, strive for the best, realise your potential and reach for the sky. Teaching and serving all of you was indeed an honour...

May Allah bless all of you with the barokah...

 Jazak Allah khayran